STL to OpenSCAD File Converter

STL to OpenSCAD File Converter

Created a tool that converts STL files into OpenSCAD modules with ease


I was inspired to build this file converter when I uploaded my Face Shield Stack Generator to Thingiverse Customizer and found that the import command failed. In OpenSCAD you can use import(some.stl) to import an STL. However, Thingiverse Customizer doesn't support the import command, as it requires that everything resides in one .scad file.

Solution (embedded)

With this tool, you can convert all your STLs to OpenSCAD modules, copy and paste each module into one big SCAD file, and call the module instead of using import(). This allows any OpenSCAD project with STL dependencies to run on Thingiverse Customizer!
I used this to create the Faceshield Stacker Customizer.
If you use this please show it some love on Thingiverse or give the GitHub repo a star :)